Project information

  • Category: Illustration
  • Brand: Switch Energy Drink
  • Project date: March, 2023


This was a group project where we came up with a can designs for a new sugar-free range of Switch Energy.

The primary objective for the Switch brand is to enhance brand engagement and awareness, alongside expanding their presence in stores and internationally. Leveraging their diverse product designs, the brand taps into consumer curiosity, debunking the misconception that sugar-free implies tasteless. The campaign, titled "Into the Alternate Universe," targets energy drink enthusiasts and those intrigued by the unconventional. Geared towards ages 16-35, it aims to attract students, athletes, and creative individuals with the hashtag #ComeToTheDarkSide, encouraging the trial of sugar-free alternatives. The creative solution involves visually enticing designs and flavors, creating an "Alternate Universe" to showcase the excitement of sugar-free options.